Authentic Apparel was chosen by a panel of judges to be exhibited in the
Re-Imagining Progress show at the David Brower Center.

authentic apparel

“For Apparel To Be Authentic the Manufacturing Process Must be Transparent.”

For my Graphic Design thesis I focused on creating authenticity through transparancy by researching 3 major brands that all make a basic white cotton Tee. After presenting the project at California College of the Arts the installation won addmission to David Browers Reimagining Progress Show. 

Through my research I intended to reveal the truth behind the manufacturing of three white shirts manufactured by differing iconic fashion companies: Hanesbrands, Zara, and American Apparel.

Hanes brands basic white cotton Tee represents the simple garment most people own with out a second thought. Zara's polyester and cotton fashion white shirt symbolizes fast fashion. And American Apparels Tee represents what goes into making a simple garment advertised as vertically integrated and manufacturing conscious.

All the stages of manufacturing from the farming of the raw material to the sewing of the garment were considered. If the company has had trouble with pollution, sexual abuse, or living wage allegations I included these instances on the shirts new authenticating tags with icons for a quick read.

The length of the clothing tags represents the negative affects that company has had in order to bring the shirt to a consumer. It reveals that a simple white Tee is far from simple.