Cleaner Cotton Fields in Firebaugh, CA
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cloth foundry

 branding, photography 
Cloth Foundry is a textiles and apparel company that creates fabrics and fashions from sustainable, socially concious, products. They work with local farmers, spinners, weavers, and patternmakers to create wholesome products.  

Cloth foundry is a brand that I’ve worked with for many years. I’ve been lucky to get to know the people and the intellectual backbone of the company. Lydia, the founder of cloth foundry, has introduced me to new ways of living sustainabily that is now a part of my personal culture. Working on the visual expressions of this venture has been a special exeperience for me to learn more about the the fashion industry, its affects on our modern world, and how we can make textiles better.

Cloth Foundry asked me to create a simple type based logo that was subtely expressive. They needed it to work well small and large. They also wanted something that would keep working as the company grows and adds a variety of merchandise. The color pallete we chose is based on natural colors of sheeps wool, hemp, and cotton. Cloth Foundry’s identity expresses a clean modernity that is friendly and yet sustaining. The logo is simple enough to be used as the brand grows and incorporates new materials and techniques into their product selection.